Rejoice with us as we celebrate ...
And thank the Lord for five years of online ministry!

Our ministry calling started many years ago, traveling to churches and events to hold revivals and concerts, giving testimony, and singing Gospel music. A few years ago my health caused me to discontinue that ministry.

Our son, Jonathan, knowing I was longing to continue my music and teaching, created a website which was launched on July 12, 2002, with the intent of selling my albums and continuing the teaching ministry.

For an in depth depiction of our beginnings See: Story of This Website

Since then over 25,000 visitors have come to New There are now several hundred of my Christian music albums out there giving witness to the Lord's love and Salvation! It thrills me to know that our Father in Heaven, who gave me the gifts to use, has allowed me to be a participant in His great plan for us.

There are many who have written to us with reports of coming to know the Lord and believers being uplifted and strengthened in their walk with Jesus. This is the greatest blessing of all and we give humble and sincere thanks to the Lord!! It is His Holy Spirit Who draws those who are seeking and sends them to where they need to go.

I've made many new friends through the website and my own life and that of my family has been so enriched. We have received hundreds of e-mail testimonies telling of the blessings originating from this ministry.

Disc Jockeys from around the U.S. and many countries around the world began coming to the site and asking for my music and the permission to play the songs on their radio programs. This is a great blessing! Never before the internet would I have had the opportunity to share my gift with so many. I receive regular reports from the DJs about how my songs are blessing others.

I have custom performance soundtracks that I offer to other singers so the ministry is now expanded even further. I've also been privileged to feature some other artists and their music on pages on the site. God is so good! He will expand even the smallest effort to His Glory!

From this website came an additional ministry ... Christian Inspirations. I discovered, as many other dedicated Christian 'pioneer' online ministers have, that people are hungry for good, encouraging websites for families to visit to partake in the gifts being shared through inspirational writings, poetry, humor, beautiful graphics, and lovely music. Many gifted writers have contributed material, some that have no other outlet for sharing their talents.

When I think of the scope and size of the two ministry websites combined, I'm in awe and like a proud parent at how beautifully designed and functional they are. This is due to a great extent to the dedicated work and expertise of our son, Jonathan, who keeps the sites running smoothly. It's a sheer blessing and a joy that I can tend to the things closest to my heart without worrying about the technical issues.

We look forward to many more years of fruitful ministry. We're so grateful for this opportunity, and may we continue to be able to reach out to a seeking world through the internet as long as the Lord wills.

We want to thank all who have taken part in and supported the ministry of the websites (there are so many it would take pages to list them) and MOST of all, THANK YOU FATHER, for making this possible and blessing our part in this ministry!

Sincerely and in Jesus' Love,

The Tennant Family

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