The Gospel in The Book of Romans

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Lesson One ..... The Gospel in the Book of Romans

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This begins a series of lessons on the basic principals of our salvation. If we can fully understand the scope of what and how God has provided for us to have everlasting life, we can live our lives in faith and share the Gospel with others with confidence. One of the best books in the Bible to go into in depth detail concerning this is the Book of Romans. If we can glean those deep spiritual truths from this book we will be richer by far in our knowledge of God's great mercy toward us. I hope you'll come back every two weeks for the next lesson so we can explore God's Word together. Remember, it's well worth the effort that you'll put into it, and you can be proud of yourself for committing to the study of the most important thing in your life .. His message to us!

First, let's do an overview of Romans so we can prepare to really dig in later to understand the message of the Gospel in this letter from Paul.

The Main Points in the Chapter Divisions:

(Chapter 1:1-17) The Gospel is the power of God for Salvation. The Righteousness of God is revealed to all.

(Chapter 1:18-32) The Wrath of God concerning sin is revealed. God's judgment of the Gentiles's sin is revealed.

(Chapter 2) God's judgment of the Jew's sin is revealed.

(Chapter 3) There is none righteous, not one! Justification is by Faith, apart from Works of the Law.

(Chapter 4) Abraham believed God and was reckoned (considered by God) righteous.

(Chapter 5) We are reconciled to God through Christ.

(Chapter 6) We are dead to sin ... and alive to God.

(Chapter 7) We are dead to the Law.

(Chapter 8) We are alive in the Spirit .. and more than Conquerors.

(Chapter 9) The sovereignty of God in election and God's choice of Israel is revealed.

(Chapter 10) It's man's responsibility to Believe .. and Israel's rejection of God.

(Chapter 11) Israel's rejection and the Gentile's Reconciliation. God's ways are unsearchable. God has not rejected His people.

(Chapter 12) Present your bodies a Living Sacrifice.

(Chapter 13) Be subject to governing Authorities.

(Chapter 14) Don't Judge and don't show contempt.

(Chapter 15:1-13) Accept one another .. the strong bearing the weaknesses of the Weak.

(Chapter 15:14-16:27) Greetings .. Benedictions .. Warning .. Farewells.

These next two weeks try to make a point of reading and rereading the Book of Romans. Ask yourself why Paul wrote the book, and try to find something about the recipients by asking yourself the four 'W's and the 'H' ... WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW. This is the method we'll be using in these biweekly studies .. a method I learned in Precept Studies and other inductive type studies. So, try to get used to asking yourself these things about all the scripture that we study from now on. After you've looked over these things, try to see the SEGMENT Divisions in the book. There are basically 5 of them in Romans. To get you started, here's a list you can use for reference, and then try to divide them as you go through your reading:

(The five 'S' words)

1. Sin (our need of salvation .. and God's Holiness in condemning sin)

2. Salvation (the way of Salvation .. God's Grace in justifying sinners)

3. Sanctification (the life of Salvation .. God's Power in sanctifying believers)

4. Sovereignty (the scope of Salvation .. God's sovereignty in saving Jew and Gentile)

5. Service (the service of Salvation .. God's Glory, the object of service)

Please print this lesson or download it to your hard disk to refer to it as you study these next two weeks. Pray before you start and be diligent. Your diligence will pay off, and you'll be "studying to show yourself approved" as we're commanded to do. Overviews and introduction can seem a little "Dry" at first, but when we start getting into the "meat" of Romans it will become exciting and enlightening! It will make your spirit soar to understand the depth of God's Love for us and our Salvation! I hope you come back for the next lesson in two weeks.God Bless You!

Love In Christ,


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