Topic: Divorce?

Scripture: Matt: 16- 13-20
Text Verse: Verse 15: He saith unto them,"But who say ye that I am"?

Pat Robertson of the 700 club, made the statement that it might be permissible for a person to divorce there spouse in case of Alzheimer . In the case where the spouse no longer recognizes his/her spouse. He states that it is like a death. Therefore the living spouse could divorce the Alzheimer spouse.

Although I admire Pat and what he has accomplished through the years, and that ministry is a great one, I think he is wrong. I have supported it in the past in many of the projects, and no doubt will in the future. I think this was just a shot from the hip. I bet he wished he had not said that before the ink dried.

My wife, Eva, had Alzheimer, the early stages of it. She had other health problems that led to her death. But if she had lived long enough that she did not know me I would never have given any thought of divorce. That is unthinkable . I made a vow "till death we do depart" One husband was asked why he visited his wife every day in the rest home, since she did not know him. He said, "But I know Her" That was the kind of commitment I had to my wife. For the months that Eva was there, I visited her every day. I sat by her bedside while she slept, waiting for her to wake so I could tell her I loved her. And to kiss her on her brow. I will never forget the times that I entered the room and she was awake. If there was a nurse in the room she would say' "There comes my sweetheart." I suppose one day when I make my journey to heaven, in the presence of the angels, she will say, "There comes my sweet heart." There will be no more separating.

I hope you will share this with your family and friends. Marriage is a lifetime commitment.

God bless you and your family,
Preacher Bill Taylor Wingate, NC

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who has gone to heaven with the Lord, and waits to see her
beloved familys someday when our Father calls us all home.



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