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I see on TV the demonstrators against war. They recite over and over their opposition to war as the killing of the innocent. No Christian would want see the innocent killed. But, the innocent always die in war. Thousands of innocent died on Sept 11, 2001. I question the motives of the demonstrators. If they were so opposed to the innocent being killed, why don't these thousands show up every Saturday at the abortion clinics and protest the killing of unborn and partial born innocent children. I have a strong feeling that many of these women who are waving their signs against war, those same, may have had their own abortions.

My belief is that it is more of a political demonstration in this country and anti-America in other countries, rather than sympathy for the innocent.

There could be also another underlying cause: the fear of reprisal and provoking more attacks on America. Do we believe that fanatic, demon possessed , religious radicals need any motivation to attack the U.S. Have we forgotten so soon 9 -11? Do we as the most powerful nation in the world have an obligation to liberate the million of innocent people in Iraq? To give them freedom from one of the most dangerous, unscrupulous men living today. This is a nation where the life expectancy is only 58 years, where only three percent of the population in the country are over 65 years old. A nation that could provide medical attention to its population rather than building palaces, and developing weapons of mass destruction to use to blackmail other nations and provide weapons to terrorists.

Let us pray for our President, those about him and our men and women who may be called upon in the next few weeks to remove this cancer from his position of power. Let's pray that he and his family will flee, and his republican guard will lay down their arms.

But as long as we have people marching in our streets, it only gives him the idea that our president is playing some kind of game and the U.S. doesn't have the will to fight.

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