A few years ago I decided I to travel down to the Pinehurst area to play golf on a Monday. Most of the time, when I play golf, I get with some of my pastor friends. In fact, the only time I have had a hole in one, it was in the presence of three of my pastor friends. Not only did I make the paper, so did they. But, there are times when I like to go to the golf course and play by myself. I was in this mood on this particular Monday morning. On my way to Pinehurst I passed through Rockingham, NC. It so happened that the NASCAR Race that was scheduled on Sunday was rained out, and they were running it on Monday. As I was passing through Rockingham, this fellow was standing out in front of a service station waving tickets in his hand, hollering to everyone that passed by, "Get your tickets". He got my attention, so I stopped and asked him what he wanted for a ticket. He said these are expensive tickets, right at the finish line. Don't know why I decided that I might want to forego my golf and attend a car race. I had attended one race, the second running of the Darlington 500, I think that was about 1951 . I had declared that was my last one. Well, the fellow wanted $40 for the ticket which cost him more than that. I told him I would give him $20.00 which was about what I would have to pay to play golf. He said, "No". As I started to drive away, he stopped me and took my $20.00. So, I am on my way to the race. When I get to the race track, I call my wife on my cell phone. I say, " Guess where I am," she said,"I know, you are in jail". No just joking. She said, "Where?" Then I told her what had happened that detoured my golf game. When I found my seat, the race had already started. The only driver I had ever met was Bill Elliott. I went to school with his dad George, in Dawson County Georgia when we both were in elementary school. George lived across the creek from where we lived. In fact my school teacher taught me how to spell GEOGRAPHY this way. George Elliott's Old Goose Ran A Pig Home Yesterday. Our family moved away from Dawson County, and did not return until I had graduated from High School, except I did come back to Dawson County and lived with My Grandma and Grandpa for my junior year in high school. Bill Elliott was born after I had left Georgia, and I was in the Ministry in North Carolina. I was interested in seeing Bill drive. I had seen him on TV. Well, I was disgusted with what was going on around me, I saw all these people with their beer, smoking, and hollering. I am wondering how these folks respond in church, if they ever go. I tried to carry on a conversation with the fellow seated next to me, but the noise was so loud I could not make him hear, later I will tell you why I think he did not hear. I sat there for maybe a couple of hours. Think maybe I saw one wreck. I decided that I had had enough, and I was going home. When I got in my car and started back home. I noticed that my car was running the quietest I had ever known it to run, no wind or motor noise. I decided to call my wife and tell her I was on my way home. When she answered the phone I could barely hear her, I kept telling her to talk a little louder. She informed me that she was hollering. I thought, must be something wrong with this phone, then it dawned on me that the roar of those race cars had caused me to loose my hearing. It took me three days to get back my normal hearing. Someone later told me you don't go to one of those races without some ear plugs. Guess that was the reason I could not get the fellow next to me hear what I was trying to get him to hear during the race. I noticed that a lot of people had what I think were ear phones and were receiving the race announcers on the phone sets, but now I understand this also blocked out the sound of the race cars. They are racing at Rockingham this weekend. It might rain them out again and probably there will be this same or another fellow standing on the side of the road waving tickets. But I know one person who will not be buying. But this week I thought about those who have lost their spiritual hearing. Many of these go to church, they see, but they don't hear. They see other people come to Christ, they hear the Message of Christ, but they do not respond to the message. As they hear the message over and over, they hear less of the wooing of the Holy Spirit, because their hearts have grown harder and harder and their hearing more dull day by day. It isn't that God isn't still calling them to Himself, it is that they don't hear the voice as loud as they once did. John the apostle records the words of Jesus in the book of The Revelation 3:20 ''Behold, I stand at the door, and knock; if any man (or woman or child) hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me". If you have never opened your heart's door and invited Jesus to come in why don't you do it right now? Thanks for your visit, please come again.

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