Two Chickens

Several years ago I was in Jamaica on a preaching mission. I was living with Brother Rhynie the secretary of Evangelism of the Jamaica Baptist Union and preaching in the churches where he was pastor. The Baptist parsonage was in Thompson Town, some 2800 feet above sea level, no plumbing, no electricity, reminding me of my childhood.

One day while in the back yard, I noticed these two chickens that had a string tied to one chicken's leg and to a leg of the other. Even though I was raised with chickens in our back yard, I had not seen this before. I asked Mrs. Rhynie why she had done this. She replied, " To keep them from leaving the yard." I said, "What do you mean?" She said "When one of them wants to go one way the other wants to go another way. They never get together to both go the same way, so they just stay at the same place." I said they have to be Baptist chickens."

Isn't this true, not only for Baptists, but other Christians as well? Members of the body of Christ, tied together with the common thread of the blood of Christ, but so often do not get together to go in the same direction in serving Christ, but rather just stand around pecking, and finally winding up in a stew like these two chickens did. Isn't it time that we focus our eyes on Jesus and run the race that is set before us looking to the author and finisher of our faith?

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