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Since my retirement , if you want to call it that, I had rather think of it as a change in directions, I preach every opportunity that comes my way. Having served as interim in six churches and filled in for many more. An older pastor who has gone on to be with the Lord told me when I first entered the ministry these words. "Bill ask God to give you a message, and he will give you a place to preach it"... Now that I may not have a pulpit open to me every time the Lord gives me a message, he has given me the medium of E-mail. And if you will forward this message on to your friends and they to their friends, it is possible that I could be speaking to far more than I spoke to each Sunday in my last interim, or other opportunities I have had.

"If the Foundations Be destroyed." Scripture: Psalm 11:3 "If the foundations be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?" I was watching TV on Sept 11, 2001 when the first picture came on showing that a plane had hit one of the twin towers in New York. In a few minutes, as I watched, I saw the second plane hit the other tower. I watched along with the rest of the world. I saw the awful destruction of the twin towers and the loss of hundreds of lives. These buildings were destroyed from the top to the bottom. Their foundations were destroyed suddenly; the builders never expected that such structures could be destroyed so quickly and so easily.

Sometimes buildings are destroyed so slowly that no one is aware that they have been destroyed until they came crashing down.

This is true in the spiritual realm. Many of the spiritual structures that we, through the ages, have held dear to our hearts are slowly being destroyed. Like termites eating away at the foundations until the building finally crumbles to the ground.

Let me mention just a few. If we do not recognize what is happening, the day will come, if it has not already come in many ways, when spiritual structures will crumble.

First: Let me mention Religious Liberty. Slowly there are forces, which I believe are demonic, that would rob us of our free exercise of religious liberty - the attack on our Pledge of Allegiance, opposition to the posting of the Ten Commandments, prayer in schools, and other religious exercises.

Second: Morality based on common decency. Jeremiah describes this generation in chapter six verse 15, "Were they ashamed when they had committed abominations? Nay, they were not ashamed, neither could they blush:...." It first started out as living porno, as women began to remove their clothes in public. Gradually it has made it's way to TV. You don't have to go to the convenience store to purchase an xxx magazine. You can view it in your home.

We see church members even attending church wearing attire that years ago would only be worn in the privacy of the home. Slowly these practices have made their way into our society. Men have become addicted to pornography. Even a great percentage of ministers admit that they are addicted to pornography.

I think it is time for we, who are Christians, to restore more respect for the House of God when we come to the place of worship, where we are going to meet with the Lord. Because He has promised when two or three are gathered together for worship, He will meet with us. Suppose we were given the assurance by our president or the Queen of England that they would meet with us. How would you dress? I think the answer is obvious. When we meet with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, let us show the same respect.

God provided clothes for Adam and Eve. Ham was cursed by God for looking at the nakedness of his father, Noah. A fellow saw a sign in a clothing store window, "Women Ready To Wear Clothes". When he read that, he said, "It's about time." We have let the unregenerate world tell us what to wear and what to take off. It is time that we return to common decency to rebuild this foundation.

Third: The foundation of the belief that the Bible is without error. Slowly, like termites, the liberal theologians have slipped into our colleges and seminaries and have taught that the Bible is filled with errors. These professors of religion have taught our young men and women that they can't put their trust in the Word of God. These graduates of higher education became leaders in churches and schools, passing these teachings on to others. Thank the Lord, there has been much progress made in some of our seminaries in the rebuilding of the foundation that the Bible is the Word of God without error.

Jeremiah again says in chapter six and verse sixteen, "Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls... ".

Fourth: The foundation of the family. The family is under attack as never before. Same sex marriages, men and women living together without marriage, divorce on the rampage that are just as prevalent in the church as outside the church. There is the women's lib movement. Someone has described it like this. "Adam's rib, Satan's fib, woman's lib".

Conclusion: If the foundations be destroyed then what are the righteous to do?

My suggestions are:

First. Start living like righteous people ought to live, that others may see in our lives something different than what the world has to offer.

Second: Repent of sin and ask God to renew a right spirit in our hearts. Third: Get back into the Word of God. The Bible will speak to us, it will guide us.

May God bless you today; if you agree, pass it on.

God bless you and your family,


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