It Happened in Church

The ushers had brought the offering to the alter and the pastor called on one of the ushers to dedicate the offering. And while he was praying the power went off leaving the church building completely in the dark. Obviously the praying usher had his eyes closed, and when he finished praying and opened his eyes, he was in Total darkness. Then he said, "Pray for me preacher I have gone stone blind." Reminds me of something that happened to me. I was relaxing across the bed while my wife was making preparation for us to leave on a trip. Picked up my glasses, put them on, but I could not see out of one of my eyes. Needless to say I was upset. I said, "Eva, I can't see out of one of my eyes." When I shut the good eye I could not see hardly at all. When I would close the bad eye I could see. Guess what, one of the lenses had come out of my frames. Popped back in and away we went. It happen in church.

My dear pastor friend Bud McClain who went on to be with the Lord a couple years ago, at the age of 95, shared this story with our church. Many years ago in this small mountain church one of the older members always brought his coon dog with him to church. It would lay down at his feet near the front pew in the A-men corner. In this particular church when the church went to prayer, the congregation would move out into the middle isle and kneel down with their faces on the floor and pray. On this particular day the pastor called the church to prayer. He called on one of the members in the isle at the back of the church, near to the open back door. About that time a dog barked outside of the church. Old Blue perked up his ears, and all of a sudden he started down the isle, jumping over the praying members until he arrived at the back door. It was the custom of this fellow praying when he prayed, he would bend over to the floor, then he would raise up on his knees and lift his hands toward heaven. Just as old Blue reached him he raised up and hit the praying man right in the chest, and knocked him out the back door. All of a sudden it was quiet in the church until the praying man stuck his head back in the door and said, "A-men."

Back in the horse and buggy days in one of the mountain churches when the pastor arrived before church several of the men were standing outside the churches visiting with each other, probably swapping a few tall tales, probably with a plug of brown mule chewing tobacco in some of their mouths. After they had greeted the pastor, he complained about having a sore throat. One of the men said, "Go with me out to my buggy; I have something that will clear up that sore throat." So the two went out to the buggy and he reached under the seat and pulled out a jug of mountain dew and gave it to his pastor and he took a swig of it and then the two went back to where the other men were congregated. Time came for them to go inside the church, but the pastor told his friend, "Think I need a little more of that before we go inside," so back to the buggy they went . Then they went inside the church, and stood around the old pot belly stove for a while. Finally the pastor took the pulpit and said," Well folks it's time we start the service, so turn in the song book to song 100, Rock of Aaaaggges, and leddder rock."

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