For several years I have maintained an 800 number. Our daughter is instructed that she can call us anytime she wants to talk to us and it will cost her nothing. Our other daughter's calls are local. You know our heavenly Father has a prayer line. We can call and talk to Him at anytime - one He maintains 24/7 for His children. He is always ready to answer the calls of His Children, but be assured there are some qualifications before you can get your calls through.

First of all you must be His child. Not everyone is a child of God. In fact Jesus said to some, that their father was the devil. Only those who have received Jesus Christ, God's Son, as Lord and Saviour are children of God. There was real controversy when someone stated that God did not answer the prayers of a certain religious group. The truth is that only God's children have access to this prayer line.

But be it noted that there may be a time when you can't get through. Why? Well, if you have not confessed all sin in your life, those sins may block your prayers from getting through. When you do get through, God does not always answer our request the way we want Him to answer. He may say, "NO.", or He may say, "Wait for a while.", or He may say,"Yes." and immediately grant your request.

But let us not always be calling just to make a request, but giving thanks, words of praise, and sharing words of love for Him. May we call often on behalf of others.

Are you too busy to pray? Prayer will change you as well as those for whom you pray.

God bless you and your family,


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