Subject: Bob Hope:

The year was 1944. I had graduated from Actworth High School, Cobb County Georgia, a few miles north of Atlanta. The next day, at 16 years old I went to work for Bell Aircraft in Marietta Georgia. On my first day on the job I was assigned to another worker. Our job was to remove the carburetors from those huge engines of several B-29 Bombers already on the flight line, which would be modified installing thermo bulbs in the carburetors allowing them to fly at much higher altitudes without the problems of icing in the carburetors. These same planes would be used in the war against Japan and ultimately bring the war to an end by the dropping of the A-bomb. Once we had completed and reinstalled the carburetors I was assigned to another crew where we modified the switch that opened the bomb bay doors on these planes.

As a seventeen year old I entered the Navy, and thanks to the A-bomb and the B-29s the war ended before I saw any combat.

Shortly after I went to work for Bell we received the message to stop our work and assemble in one of the hangers. Bob Hope was coming to the plant to speak to the workers. A platform for him to speak from was erected in the middle of the hanger. I was lucky enough to push my way through the crowd to have a ring side view. As we stood there awaiting his arrival, someone place his hand on my shoulder and started pulling me aside. Thinking it was someone trying to take my place I turned to respond and was looking into the face of Bob Hope. He only wanted to get by where he could get up the steps to the platform. I don't remember the jokes he told that day. I do remember how it made us proud to be Americans and a part of the American workers that played a vital part in bringing the war to an end. From that day forward every time I heard his name or saw him on the screen, and later on TV, my mind would go back to that day. God certainly gave him many years to live and be an inspiration to millions. I trust that he, somewhere along the way came to know Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. It would be tragic to think that as great a person as he was that he went into eternity not knowing Jesus Christ and spend not 100 years, but eternity separated from God in the region of the dammed, hell.

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