The Crumbling of the Foundations

Scripture: Psalm 11: 3 " If the foundations be destroyed, What can the righteous do?

When Eva and I built our home where we now live, I was required by the county to make sure we had a foundation for the home to sit on. Therefore, we hired an operator of a back hoe to come out and dig down into the clay a trench where the outer walls would rest and holes where the pillars would support the inner walls. Once the inspectors came out and inspected the depth of the digs, we were advised that we now could fill these digs with cement for the foundation of our brick home we now live in. We did not have to be told that we needed to do this. I knew enough about building that, without the county demanding this, I would have done it anyway. A building without a solid foundation will certainly come crashing down. Jesus Himself in the sermon on the mount, speaks of the wise man that built his house on solid rock and the foolish man that built his house on the sand. And, when the floods came the house of the sand came crashing down and the one that built his house of the rock stood the test of the storm.

This nation was built on solid rock. But there have been those with their chisels chipping away at the foundations of this nation for many years until much of the foundation has been weakened or, in some cases, destroyed. They no longer are using chisels, but now are brave enough to use jack hammers. Maybe we did not hear the chisels in the night, but now we hear the noise of the jack hammers in the day as these who would destroy the foundations have become bolder and bolder.

What can the righteous do? We must take our stand. We need to know were those who seek our votes stand on issues that are destroying the foundations of this nation. Until we awake from our sleep, and the attitude we have and remove our heads from the sand, it will continue. The attitude of I am just one person, what difference does one vote mean?  The attitude of government and politicians are so corrupt I will just withdraw from the fight or not join in the fight. Sure there is corruption in government big time, and there are corrupt politicians. But there are many politicians that are taking their stand, and we need to increase that number. We must be aware of the propaganda of the liberal press and its agenda of trying to destroy the conservative movement in our nation that is seeking to rebuild our nation's foundation.

I will just mention a few foundations that have been destroyed or are crumbling, or under attack. For the sake of space I will not elaborate on these. The attack on the freedom of religion - the courts filled with liberal judges who have removed prayer from our schools, trying to remove the name of God from our pledge of allegiance, from our currency, the 10 commandments and religious symbols from public property.

The value of human life where an unborn child can be murdered under the protection of the ruling of a decision of a few judges who can be removed only by death, or their retirement. And we now face the removing from society those who do not have the quality of life that they are not a burden to themselves or others. This has emerged as assisted suicide. Where will it stop?

The attack on the family unit by Satan, who has recruited governments, judges, media, Hollywood, TV, and God forbid, schools, yes, even some churches, denominations, teachers, seminaries, homosexuals and many more.

It is ordained of God that marriage is to be between one man and one woman. It is to be a life commitment, not a trial arrangement of living together as a couple to see if they are compatible before they marry. Not a man and a man, nor a woman and a woman living together as man and wife.

There is also a movement in our nation that would deny the citizens of this nation the right to bear arms. They would collect all the guns owned by law abiding citizens while the criminals would still have theirs and we would be at their mercy. These same people would take away our right to arms and would eventually like to stop this nation from defending this nation from other nations that would destroy us as a nation. They would have the United Nations to advise this nation in what they can do or not do; the world court would have the power to arrest and jail the citizens of this country.

What other thing can we as the righteous do? Note we are not righteous because of the fact that we are a citizen of this nation. We are made righteous, only after we have received the righteousness of Christ, imputed to us when we come to know Jesus Christ in the forgiveness of sin. That forgiveness and His righteousness puts us in position to pray for our nation, those in leadership, those who would lead us back to a God fearing nation and the rebuilding of these foundations.

Pass this on to your friends and family; it could reach thousands if you would take the time to do this.

God bless you and your family,


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