Topic: Thanksgiving vs. Thanksliving

Scripture: First Thessalonians"In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." Heb.13:15 "By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually,that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name."

Now that Thanksgiving day is gone, maybe some turkey still left, and the week before us. Can we convert our Thanksgiving into thanksliving? I think most of us have given thanks on Thanksgiving Day for God's blessings on us.

I heard someone say or read it. How about those who say there is no God. Well the scriptures says, The fool has said there is no God. Wonder if they celebrate Thanksgiving Day, if so to whom do they give thanks? Now the questions is. How are we going to act in the days ahead.? Are we going to be like the hog that eats apples under the tree and never looks up to see where the apples came from? I hope I never loose sight that all I have and hope to be comes from My heavenly Father. So I want my life to be a life of thanksliving. Now that isn't impossible, Even though we will make mistakes, even though we will be disappointed in the way we act at times. Know this one thing. God is never disappointed with us. Why? because He knows how we are going to live and act. When we are disappointed by someone, we were maybe expecting something from them better than what we received. But God knows because of His fore knowledge the future as if it was the present. But He is so pleased when we are thankful in words to Him for all the blessings He bestows upon us. But I believe He also is pleased to see us live a life of thanksliving.

Here are just a few things I want to give unto God thanks:

1. I want to thank God that He allowed me to be born in America. Where the gospel was and is preached. You see, this body of mine is only the temple of the spirt, The real me,the spirit that will live forever. My spirit could have been embodied in a body in some dark land where the gospel has not reached. But He allowed me to be born into a family that loved God, took me to church, where I heard the gospel, and received Jesus Christ into my heart and was reborn into the kingdom of God.

2. I want to thank my Heavenly Father for sending His only begotten Son, His Virgin born Son, into the world to die on an old rugged cross that I might be saved through His precious blood, and justified by his resurrection from the dead. Because He lives I too will live with Him through out eternity.

Conclusion. I could list dozens of things that I constantly give to God thanks. Family, friends, health, and on and one. I give thanks to you who read these sermons of the week and pass them on.

May God bless you this coming week as you walk with Him and talk to Him, and as He talks to you through His word and with His small still voice.

Amen and Amen

Copyright Rev. Bill Taylor 2003

Pass the message on.

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