Know your Enemy

"Lest Satan should get an advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices."


I realize that there are a few people in the world that would deny that Satan even exists. But I have a feeling that most of you that are receiving this SERMON OF THE WEEK, recognize that he is alive and well. Many of us know that we battle him every day. But we must know that he is a trickster.

I guess that I would not recommend this to everyone. On one occasion when Eva's mother, my mother-in-law, was visiting us. I played a trick on her. I slipped a rubber lizard in to a pan of dishwater where she was washing dishes. I stood around the corner and listened. Then the results come, when she pulled out that rubber lizard, you could have heard her next door. Of course I acted like I had done nothing. But she knew who was behind this joke. I watched for her to get even with me, but the whole family along with her talked about that trick for a long time until her death at age 88.

Satan is a trickster. He plays tricks on us and stand around the corner, to laugh when we are tricked. We need to be aware of his tricks. We need to know his devises. He is a liar we need to recognize his lies. I will not have space to remind you of all the lies he spurts out. As you well know that he deceived Eve in the garden of Eden. By making her doubt the WORD OF GOD. He is still using the same tactics.

1. He would have you to believe that Jesus is only one way to heaven not the only way. But Jesus Himself said, " I am the way... no man cometh to the Father but by me". Peter and John said," for there is none other name under heaven giving among men ,whereby we must be saved". There are those who say as long as you are sincere. Sincerity will not save, no one was any more sincere than Saul of Tarsus, but he was lost and needed to be saved. Someone has said, God created man, and man created religion. What is wrong with this statement.? God did create man . Man has created religion. But Christianity isn't a religion except in the minds of many. Christianity is a personal relationship with a living Christ. You will not find a pagan tribe in the world that does not have a religion.

2. His lies that man can earn his salvation by good works. Even our best of good works are al filthy rags in the eyes of God. Do you for one moment think that He would allowed His only begotten Son to suffer the cross of Calvary , if man could earn his salvation by good works? If so then Christ died in vain. The scripture tells us that " all have sinned and some short of the glory of God."

3. Another lie of Satan is that A Christian can sin and not face the correction of His Heavenly Father. There some sins that have built into them punishment. The Christian, not those who claim to be a Christian, but have never really come to Christ for salvation. But the real Christian cannot and I repeat again, cannot escape the chastisement of our heavenly Father if there is unconfessed sin in our lives.

4. The biggest lie he tells is to the unsaved. It is, you have plenty of time to be saved. Don't worry about it. Go ahead and enjoy your sinful ways. You only have one life. If you get saved you are going to have to give up some many things you like. So take your time, since you have plenty of time.

Hell is the home of millions who bought that lie. If you are unsaved and buy it, you too will make it your eternal home. Conc: If you have come to Christ, come today. He stands with open arms to receive you. No one coming to Christ will be cast out.

Amen and Amen

Copyright Rev. Bill Taylor 2003

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