Topic : Worry Wart

Scripture : Matthew : Chapter Six Verses 25-through 35. Text: Verse 34" Take therefore no thought for the morrow:for the morrow  shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof"

This morning as I opened the blinds on the windows and door of our dinning room to allow in the light of a beautiful sunrise, I observed  two small wrens feeding in the flowers on the stoop. Then came a humming bird feeding , gathering nectar from the blossoms of the 4 O'clock flowers. It tried the Star of Bethlehem, this is what grandmother Taylor called it, the beautiful red bloom the size of a saucer when opened, When it closes, it makes a perfect star before it completely closes.

As I observe the birds, instantly I remember what Jesus said about the sparrows, and how He feeds them. And we as his children are just as important. Time and time again the scriptures admonish us not to worry. Yet many of us waste a lot of energy and time worrying. This does not mean that we are not to be concerned. But not so overly concerned that it destroys our faith and does not let us function at our daily tasks in such a way that we can find happiness. It robs us of joy, and the peace of God in our hearts and lives.

These observations:

Worry will   take its toll on us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

1. It effects us physically. It is a proven fact that worry breaks down our immune systems and allows all kind of physical problems.

2. It effects us mentally because it diverts our attention from creative activity to fear.

3. It effects us emotionally; worry will produce in us all kinds of effects. Such as fear, anxiety, anger, jealously, covetessness, despondency, and withdrawal from many wholesome activities.

4. It effects us spiritually. Worry closes the windows that let us see the blessing of God in our lives. It keeps us from growing in the Grace of God.


1. Recognize worry as sin and confess it. Ask God to help you to trust Him.

2. Focus on the blessings of God and His promises.

3. Arm yourself with scripture verses that you can throw into the face of the demons of hell that attack you and cause you to worry.

Conclusion: I thought about the birds. God was taking care of them. He used me to plant the flowers, sow the seeds, water and fertilize the flowers that we might  enjoy their beauty. In doing so he was providing for the birds.

So stop worrying ,plant some good seeds, and watch God use  your faith and good works to help other, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.


Amen and Amen

Copyright Rev. Bill Taylor 2003

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