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This is a 'mini' history of my experiences with Genelle, working in ministry with her over the years. I've added a little about her from my point of view as a person too. I feel like I'm best qualified to write her 'bio' since I know her better than anyone in this world and I love her more than anyone else in this world!

Stan Tennant

My wife was saved when she was 27, shortly after I came to the Lord. If ever there was a complete change in a person, that was Genelle. I had a brand new woman in my life when she gave her heart to Jesus! Our road had been rough up until then and we were the least likely candidates for conversion. But God, in His mercy and love, sought us out, called us, and gave us the faith to believe and receive His Salvation!

Later, we became members of a Christian Singing Group called, "The Witnesses." It was headed up by Jerry Schnedler, my cousin, also a preacher. He's gone home to be with the Lord now, but he had a profound effect on our lives as we traveled and ministered for years in an old Blue Bird School Bus we had fixed up to haul our equipment and the six members and families. We toured all around Oklahoma and surrounding states.

I played the bass guitar and Genelle sang lead and harmony with the trio. Those were the 'growing years' and the love of the Lord and Gospel singing became deeply ingrained in Genelle's heart. Our kids, Christy and Shannon were growing up too and part of their 'growing up' was traveling with us. They got geography and social studies lessons in 'real time.' There were kids from the other members' families too and they were all the 'Blue Bird Bus Kids!'

We held revivals in just about every kind of church that would open the door for us and even in city parks. We had many a 'supper on the ground' provided by some great Christian folks, and that was a treat for me 'cause I love to eat!

Those years saw Genelle develop and refine her vocal skills that were a God-given talent, and the ability to relate to people. People are touched by what she has to say because of her honest, sincere and heartfelt manner. She does everything with great passion and she's very expressive. There's never any doubt about how she feels about things. Genelle always gave her testimony during each concert. It came from her heart when she shared about what God had done in her life. Things like deliverance from drugs and alcohol, physical healings, and the love she now had for the Lord. She won and is still winning over her audiences with her candid and open expression of her victory in Jesus and her unashamed proclamation of His love and mercy for lost sinners and His Power to change lives.

Genelle has such a smooth and clear vocal style and she sings from her heart. I can tell you she believes what she sings.

Eventually she attended Hank Thompson's Country School of Music at Rogers State College and was a member of several performing groups there, including "Diamonds in the Rough" with Darrel Magee, the former head of the School of Music.

One highlight of Genelle's ministry was when she met and became a member of the late "Leon McAuliffe's All Christian Band' and they held concerts in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri. She had the privilege of singing on Leon's last recording, which was also his first Gospel project, done just 2 years before he went home to be with the Lord.

For those of you who aren't acquainted with Leon, he was the steel guitar player for Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. Leon always said he appreciated Genelle's smooth voice and they did some duets and solos on his album. She did some back up vocals for him as well. She had some fun experiences while with Leon; once he arranged for her to be part of a trio that sang backup for Wanda Jackson in a Tulsa, OK concert. She also got to meet and record with some of the members of the old Texas Playboys like Eldon Shamblin, who became our friend as well, and tuned Genelle's piano while he told us stories of the old days with the band. Of course, Leon was a great one for reminiscing too. We learned a lot from those legendary men of music. And it was an honor working with them. The Lord has sent many gifted and respected people across Genelle's path to work with her, nurture her and enrich our lives in the process. We've been so blessed, not with fame and fortune, but with the opportunity to help lead others to the Lord and encourage and bless them by the gifts she so lovingly embraces with all her heart.

While a member of the Great Plains Gospel Music Assoc., she was nominated for "Female Vocalist of the Year." She's still recording so watch for her latest albums which you'll find on the music pages as they're released.

To date, Genelle has won many honors in Gospel Music. She was among the top 10 Finalists for the Country Gospel Connection's Artist Acheivement Awards.
I can't resist 'name dropping' ..... (forgive me - I'm a proud husband!)

The Top Ten list read like this:

1. Stella Parton
2. Martha Welch
3. Gayla Earlene
4. Glorya Wilson
5. Shirley Hayes
6. Loretta Withee
7. Dolly Parton
8. Genelle Tennant
9. Annette Carroll
10. Angela Baker

When Genelle saw the list she giggled like a kid on Christmas Morning. She was beside herself! After all ... "Her name was right after Dolly Parton!" You'd have to know Genelle to appreciate her 'little girl' ways and her humilty. I've told her the Lord must have given her a big dose of 'humble' when he made her, 'cuz He knew He was giving her a terrific voice! The voting was done by fans so I'm convinced she has the love and affection of many who have heard her music.

When you hear Genelle sing you'll know why I love to listen to her sing. She can bring tears to my eyes and joy to my heart, even after all these years of being married to her and hearing her sing for literally hours on end in her music room. I've awakened many times in the middle of the night to find her with her headphones on, singing away into the night. Her dedication to her gift and 'The Giver' shows ... because I feel the anointing each time she opens her mouth to sing! I'm sure you'll be blessed by her voice and appreciate the songs she's chosen.

Genelle has had songs on many charts in the past few years, some of them worldwide. Many of her songs are currently being played in other countries such as Australia, Norway, Sweden, Russia, England, Bulgaria, France, Africa, and more since it's hard to keep up with all the radio stations playing her songs. A lot of the DJs in those countrys keep in touch with her, sending her their playlists and friendly messages about how the listeners love her singing. It never goes to her head and that amazes me. I've told her if I had a voice like hers I'd be parading down main street singing my head off! I tend to take her for granted in that area until something happens like on a shopping trip in Dec. 2003. Our son and I were at Toys R Us in Tulsa, OK during the Christmas season, and we heard Genelle's voice over the store speakers, singing 'Silent Night.' We went to the service desk to ask where the music was coming from and were told that one of the local radio stations was piping in music. We stayed around and they played her entire Christmas album. Well, if Genelle doesn't have a 'big head' mine's big enough for both of us! Ha! I guess I don't need to tell you I'm her biggest fan!

In addition to her singing ministry, Genelle is a certified Bible Study teacher. She feels called to speak and sing at conferences, seminars, churches, and various other meetings. She's a gifted teacher and sincerely longs to share her knowledge of the Word with others. She puts a lot of study and research into those Bible Studies and she'll be more than happy to e-mail you the lessons if you'd like to subscribe to them.

I'm very proud to be Genelle's husband! She's one of the most giving and loving people you'd ever want to know. She's compassionate, forgiving, and wants to 'fix' everything that's not right. She's a perfectionist and I'm just the opposite so we have fun trying to work that out! In fact, the reason my grammar in this bio is acceptable is that 'Miss Perfection' is edtiting it for proper spelling and use of the English language!

We in the family tease Genelle almost unmercifully because she has a great sense of humor and can laugh at herself right along with us and seems to enjoy it as much as we do. In short, she's as much fun as a 'barrel of monkeys!' So, in case you might think she's sophisticated and formal, think again. She's exactly the opposite, although she's one of the most intelligent persons I know. She married me, didn't she?

Genelle loves her role of housewife and mother. She still mends and sews, bakes homemade bread, pies from scratch, prepares delicious meals, and is one of a long line of great cooks. She home schooled our youngest through 12 years of school. He's still at home, having recently completed his high school courses. She plants a garden every summer she can. The past few years all these things have been harder for her because of some pretty big health issues and surgeries, but she still does wonders for all the challenges she faces, and has made our home into a beautiful, peaceful, and happy place to live.

I hope this has given you some insight into the woman I'm married to, but .....

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