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Jack is very well known in the hills of Tennessee and the Carolinas, his shows airing daily. He plays a blend of Southern and Country Gospel, Christian Country, and Contemporary Gospel Music, to the enjoyment and blessing of listeners throughout a large region. Jack is an award winning artist several times over with NACMAI and he understands and lends a hand to new quality artists who have just begun to send their music to radio stations for airplay. He also writes a column of inspirational articles called "Jack's Corner" which is featured on this website and many other sites online. Jack's lovely wife, Linda, is a recording artist and her songs show up on playlists often so Jack is especially aware of the opportunities that singers need to get their talents exposed to the listening audiences around the world. I've been told by a person who knows the Hodges personally that they are a couple of precious Christians and dedicated to the ministry of furthering the Gospel.

A note about Jack

He's the first DJ to call me and tell me he was playing my music and had some wonderful comments about my singing. That was so encouraging to me and he will always hold a special place in my heart for his sweet spirit, taking the time to call me personally. Now that's a very nice thing to do for an independent artist who is anxious to know that the DJs are playing their songs!


The Name of Jack's Radio Program is:

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Soon to be a regular feature on this website is .. JACK'S CORNER
A Series of Inspirational Writings to Uplift and Encourage the Reader!
That page is under construction and will be ready to upload soon.



I can't properly express just how much I value Rhonnie's help and friendship. She's a sincere supporter of my music ministry and this tribute page is very much a result of her working to promote my songs to the great DJs featured here! She's also allowed me to record several of the great songs she's written. I've grown to love and respect her and I'm proud to call her my friend and sister in the Lord!


A Special Tribute to Rhonnie:

I've been in the music business for many years and I know of no one else who can balance the professionalism, integrity and the heart and spirit of promotion as well as Rhonnie does in behalf of her clients.

Hers is one of the few businesses that is based not merely with the business end of the music industry, but a goal that is foremost in helping independent artists be heard and their music distributed among DJs and radio programs around the world because she has her whole heart in what she does. To Rhonnie, the desire to help others succeed is first in her priorities, business second. But make no mistake, she knows this business and is truly professional!

She works many long hours daily, faithfully contacting DJs to make them aware of her artists and their work. Rhonnie is extremely popular with those DJs and programmers because of her outgoing and likable personality and sincere manner. She's also persistent!

Rhonnie goes out of her way, bends over backwards to diligently help new artists get the exposure they need to get a foot in the door of a highly competitive business. She's creative with new ideas for the seasoned artist as well.

Rhonnie is a dedicated Christian lady who has a tender heart and is generous to a fault. She's also a talented songwriter so she has a good sense of what makes a song promotable and goes after that with a passion. I highly recommend Rhonnie as a promoter.

You will receive 100 % and more from RhonBob Promotions!


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Scroll Down to View the Tributes To the DJs or click on their names to the side of the page. Without their willingness to play an indepenent artist's music, many of us might never be heard on many of these radio stations!

My Gratitude Goes Out to Each and Every One of Them!

Join with me in honoring these very important and special persons! And Have Fun Learning a Little About Them!
It would be so nice if you would contact them to thank them for supporting and encouraging independent artists!

Rockabilly Hall of Fame Star

Roy is a DJ with an interesting heritage of country music to his credit. He's played and performed with major country stars throughout the years. He has his own daily radio program at, where he plays independant artist's music as well as his own songs. Part of the program is a talk show where he features guest artists for a friendly chat. Roy is a man of faith and on Sundays he does a Gospel Music Show. He's been so faithful to play my Gospel songs and I greatly appreciate his support of my music. One of the things I like about Roy is his sincerity and desire to promote other artists.

Roy is a multi talented guy. He plays many instruments, writes songs, sings, is a recording engineer, and has headed up several bands. He writes some beautiful instrumentals as well. I'm currently working on some recitations for my next project and will be using some of Roy's music. He also records his own music in his own recording studio. I'm amazed at the sound quality of the tracks he creates. Roy has his own record label, VEGA and records part-time for EHKING, Santa Fe, Texas and T. J. Murr's Roadshow Record label in Oklahoma City. He had a hit song in 2004 called "Rockabilly Baby," which went to #48 on the 'World's Most Played Chart.'

Roy is the most generous hearted DJ I've ever met. He's truly eager to help other artists get their music played. He's very supportive and spends a lot of his time getting the word out about indpendant artist's songs. He shares his own music freely and is such a gentleman to work with. He's a rare breed in today's music industry. I've grown to admire Roy greatly through all the dealings I've had with him in my own music ministry.

Roy is very popular with the European DJs and his songs are regularly on the Euro charts. I think I know what endears him to the DJs there. It's his 'down home' sincere, pure country style. When you listen to Roy sing, you get the feeling the songs are coming straight from his heart. The first time I listened to one of his albums I felt a peace and a genuinely good feeling. That's what real country music is all about.

Roy started his music career in 1959 when he organized 'The Shadows' band and from then on he was part of several other bands and worked people like Ralph Emery and many other Country Music Greats. He's had the encouragement and friendship of some folks like Floyd Cramer, Bob Luman, Teddy Riedel, Joe Stampley, and many others. Roy has a BSE and Masters Degree and was for a time, the principal at Mayflower Schools in Little Rock, Arkansas. Later he served in Viet Nam. This man definitely has a diverse and interesting background. He keeps going and going even when life deals him some hard cards and keeps a good attitude all the while.

Roy is still active in live music and has his own band, "Cedar Creek Arkansas" and also works with recording artist, Dixie Harrison.

E-mail Roy.. CLICK HERE

Visit Roy at his website -

Alison is the first DJ to ever call me from outside of the USA! What a thrill and a special honor to have her take the interest and time to do that. I fell in love instantly with her accent, and of course she's a sweet person and I liked her immediately. There's just something about hearing a person's voice to make you feel closer and like you know them more intimately. I enjoyed our conversation so much. She told me about her family and asked about mine. She was really interested in me as a person. Alison has been playing my songs ever since she received my CDs. She had been borrowing Pete Harrison's CDs of my songs and Pete wrote to ask me to send her my CDs so she would have her own copies. That's how I got acquainted with her. Bless her heart for her faithfulness in supporting my music. She's a truly lovely lady who wants very much to help artists and songwriters all over the world. She's a jewel! And an angel to the industry!

Here's something that Alison wrote about herself:

I'm a radio announcer with WPR 101.3 FM in Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia. I have one program fortnightly. Thursday night is a Country Gospe Hour between 8 and 9 PM and my aim is to support artists from Australia and overseas in Gospel Country Music. I would appreciate any material in the form of CDs - tapes to promote on my program. I will also be sending back to the artist the playsheets from my program each fortnight. Hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Truly,
Alison Pezzimenti

Send Your Music to:

127 Siege Street
Post Code 3675
Victoria, Australia

E-mail Alison: CLICK HERE

Pete and Marlene have been faithfully playing my songs on their programs and also very often sending me the playlists with friendly little greetings from Australia .. for a long time now. They must have a great sense of humor and I'm sure they have a great following in their listening audience. I hear from others that they're such nice people! And I know they'd be happy to help you if you need someone to play your songs because I know they sincerely want to help artists get a break and get airplay. Thanks to you, Pete and Marlene! For playing my songs!

Here is something Pete wrote:

My name is Peter Harrison. I am a radio announcer on a radio station 101.3 FM in Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia. I have been with the station for 7 years and enjoy what I do. My programs vary from Pop Music, Rock and Roll, and Country. Country Music is what I specialize in. I have been a committed member for 3 of those 7 years. My other role being the fundraising coordinator for 5 yrs. I'm presenting three country music programs per week. Monday nights between 6 pm and 9 pm (Australian Country Request Program) and on Thursday nights from 9 pm til midnight. That program is called Old and New Country Requests. Also Country Gospel between 8pm and 9pm. on Thursday nights. What I play is Country Music from artists all over the world. I also have a rock and roll show on Tuesday nights 8 pm to 10 pm.

I have a very large listening audience across Northeast Victoria and into the State of New South Wales. So it would be my pleasure to play your CD and promote your music on my shows. I know there is a lot of great artists around the world and their music is not heard here in Australia. But you can be sure, if you send me any of your material, it will certainly be played on my shows. And I sincerely hope I can help you in the music field in any way.

Yours Truly,

Peter Harrison

Send Your Music to:

38 Manley Cresent
Victoria 3677

E-mail Pete or Marlene: CLICK HERE

Anne-Lykke is an unusually talented and interesting person. I've learned from our correspondence that she studies languages and is a model (you can see from her picture that she's a beautiful girl) and she loves animals. We have that in common. There is much more to this girl than just being a DJ! I want to thank her for playing my music. She's been playing my songs since last Christmas, bless her heart. She loves to write and says she could write a book when she gets started (another thing we have in common - smile) but she wrote a short bio about herself .. Here it is:

Hello Everyone! My name is Anne-Lykke Elling. I've worked with country music since 1993. The name of the radio station is: Albertslund Naer Radio, and it's located in the area of Copenhagen. We are many people connected to the radio, and most of us are volunteers. I have 3 programs, each Monday, and I play a lot of country music in two of my programs, often with a touch of gospel, country rock, folk and pop. I'm a big supporter of the "Indie" artists and I"m so lucky to receive many CDs from artists from around the world. When I'm not broadcasting I do a lot other things. I take English and Spanish lessons twice a week; I do a little acting and modeling which I like very much, and I write songs and poems. You can find some of my love poems at:

I was born in the country, and animals have always had a very big place in my heart. I have two cats and two birds myself.

If you have a CD you want me to play, you are welcome to send it to the address below, and I'll do what I can to play something from it.

Mail CDs to:

Anne-Lykke Elling
Lemnosvej 1,
2300 Copenhagen S.

Unfortunately, I haven't got a homepage yet, but you can find Albertslund Naer Radio at:

E-mail Anne: CLICK HERE

E-mail Anne: CLICK HERE

To read some of Anne's Poetry:

Anne -Lykke Poetry

Wyn is a DJ from New Zealand and I've just recently become acquainted with him when he replied after receiving my CDs for radio review. He was so willing to consider my music, always appreciated of course. I don't know Wyn very well yet, but he's been so cordial and friendly to me, encouraging me with the nice things he's said about my songs, and I look forward to a growing friendship with him and his wife as one of the fine DJs who play my music. I always try to get to know the DJs families if I can as well.

Here's something Wyn wrote about himself:

I am a retired worker in many varied and interesting jobs. My trade was a fitter welder. I have worked on large sheep stations. I have always liked the outdoor life, fishing, hunting, shooting. I was a member of a pistol club. I am married to my lovely wife, Joy. We have no children together; we have both been married before. Joy and I have been together for 12 years and very happy 12 years they have been. We both love Country and Gospel music. I have two daughters, both in their 40s now. I lost my son in 1998. He was 35. Joy has a daughter and a son; her son is living and working in London.

I have all my life had an interest in radio. I was DXing in a big way for many years. We lived 96 kms from our main shopping town and have now moved to Oamaru. I heard of the radio station and decided to make myself available. I was accepted and I started doing my own shows after a short time. I started listing my playlists just a few months ago and have made some wonderful contacts with artists and managers. I enjoy what I do and I like to support the Indies as much as I can. I am now a trustee of the station. We are non-commercial and on the air 24/7.

The town of Oamaru is my home town I was born here, but most of my life was spent in the north island of New Zealand until returning south in 1992. My Grandmother was born here in 1876.

I supply my own music for my shows as all our presenters do, some we buy for ourselves and other music we get from artists and record companies who send their music to us for airplay. This is very much appreciated. I love using the computer. I believe it helps to keep the mind active.

My first playlists were listed as Wyn's Country .. after a while I looked at this and thought it needed changing as I'd started to play more Gospel Music. I changed it to Wyn's Country & Gospel.

All the very best for now and in the future Genelle. I look forward to hearing more of your wonderful voice.

Kind Regards,

Mail CDs to:

Wyn Machon
5 Lowther Street
Oamaru 8901
New Zealand

E-mail Wyn: CLICK HERE

Pete is another DJ who's become important to my music ministry. His love for Gospel Music is a plus with me as that's where my heart is. I want to thank him for considering and then playing several of my songs. It's an honor to have him support my music since he's a man of discerment and taste in music. I guess you could say that Pete is fond of good old down home country style music and Gospel is a big part of that genre. And, Pete is obviously so good to the Independent artist. Thanks again, Pete!

Here's a short bio I found online about Pete:

Pete Smith hails from Sheffield, England and has been involved in country music all his life. Since 1976 Pete has been a radio broadcaster and has contributed to Britain's Number One Country Music Newspaper, "Country Music Roundup" with his monthly column, "Pete Smith's Rock Pile," originally titled: "Country Rock Pile."

Preferring smaller radio stations, Pete is able to cater his programs to his listener's tastes, always looking for inspirational songs, ".. which give hope to the future and praise to our Lord God." Pete explains, "I find these songs the most satisfying. It was the lack of such songs by artists signed to the major labels that led me to the Independents. Whilst finding a wealth of Gospel songs I also found a treasure trove of real country and have been sold on Independents ever since."

For the past 22 years since 1982, Pete's column, "Sounds Country" has delighted and entertained readers of "The Advisor," a regional newspaper in the UK.

Pete Smith's Motto: "Make every day Independent's Day."

Artists - Send your CDs for review and airplay consideration to:

Pete Smith
PetAda House
55 Cookswood Rd.
Sheffield South Yorkshire
S3 9AA

E-mail Pete: CLICK HERE

Peter is also another DJ who's become important to my music ministry. He also loves Gospel Music as is reflected in the many Gospel Songs he plays. He played several of my songs right after receiving my CDs. That is so appreciated when a DJ does that. Many times we send out our CDs, hoping that a DJ will find something they like well enough to play it. And a DJ who is so willing to listen and then give the songs airplay is a treasure to an independent singer. Peter even took the time to visit my website and listen to my music. Thanks loads, Peter!

My name is Peter Ahlm and I was born in the oldest quarter of Stockholm. I'm now 54 years old and a former taxi cab driver, but because of my love for music, I'm now working with a radio station called Radio Viking. It sends on 104.4MHz that broadcasts mainly in Stockholm City and its surroundings.

We send 24 hours a day, every day of the week and have a growing number of faithful listeners. I take care of the record archive. I have my own show .. Country Corner .. every Monday, 8 -10 PM and I hope there will be more broadcasting time coming up as country music is appreciated in Sweden.

Mail CDs to Peter for consideration for airplay:

Peter Ahlm
Lattingebacken 40
163 62 Spanga

E-mail Peter: CLICK HERE

Peter's Website : CLICK HERE