We were in a football field on a flatbed truck for this concert, and later sang at a local Baptist Church. The weather was beautiful that weekend; there was a soft breeze and the stadium was full. There were always so many people who wanted to hear Leon play his famous steel guitar.

Every one was always awed by him and his talent on his guitar. "Steel Guitar Rag" was always requested so he'd play it of course, and then he got the idea to put words to it. He and Darrel put their heads together and came up with Gospel lyrics entitled "For the Glory of the Lord-Steel Guitar Rag" Leon had written the original tune while he was the steel guitar player for Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. It was always a real hit and requested constantly in his concerts.

The song is featured on his first Gospel recording which turned out to be his last recording because 3 years later, in 1988 he went home to be with the Lord. But, during that time he held concerts to give his testimony and taught at the Hank Thompson School of Country Music, adding his expertise and experience for the benefit of the future professionals in the music industry at the school.


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