On Feb 1 & 2, 1985 Leon McAuliffe and His All Christian Friends Band went into the Christian World Studio in Oklahoma City to put the vocals on his first Gospel Recording Project. It would be his last recording because Leon went home to be with Lord some time later.

As a member of his band, I was privileged to sing on that project. I did some duets with Leon, a couple of solo parts and sang back up as a member of Diamonds in the Rough with Darrel Magee and Nancy Fox.

It was a challanging and rewarding experience. Below you can click on some of the Thumbnails images to see the full size picture and the comment or story accompanying them. (and don't miss the Memorial Tribute to Leon!)

Front Cover "Take It Away Lord" Back Cover Credits "Take It Away Lord" Thank You Note to Christy from Barbara Mandrell for Leon's Record A Precious Letter from Leon to Stan and Genelle
Nancy - Genelle - Darrel Singing Backup Vocals Stan - Leon - Darrel Some Serious Listening Stan - Leon "Let's hear that again" Recording Engineer Leon - Nancy
Nancy "Oops" Snoozin'