Shannon Troy Tennant

Shannon graduated an honor student, from Foyil High School in 1983 and enlisted in the Army. He was a Missile fire-control repairer with the 73rd Ordinance Battalion, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. He served years in the Army, and decided to return to civilian life to make use of his extensive military training, experience, and his knowledge working with computers. He now resides in Alabama and is a plant manager at Brown Precision Company. He met his wife, Adrianne there, and quickly became a loved member of her family and considers them a second family. We miss him here in Oklahoma, but every young man has to make a life of his own, and we're proud of his accomplishments and the fact that he's such a fine person.

Boy! Did you come a Long Way!

Shannon has done a lot of tournament dart playing. He became very proficient and won many bouts. He finished at top four in the 501 Mens Singles, and Cricket Double Champ with Heinz Sage, a good friend who was an army buddy. Currently, he's taken up Golf, and is becoming very good at that as well. He just seems to excel in sports, and this from a boy who would have practically nothing to do with sports when he was growing up. He loved to work on engines, especially his old pick up that he bought when he was in high school, with the money he earned from working in a small gas station and feeding cattle. Keeps us wondering what he'll take up next. Hope it isn't Bungee jumping or sky diving, which is unlikely cause he does not like to fly. He's a "feet on the ground" kind a guy, and personally, I'm glad.