My Brothers and Me

I'm the only girl with two brothers. Boy, that was fun! Ronny (the older bro) and I were close in age, and that meant we fought like cats and dogs as most brothers and sisters do, but we love each other dearly now. Ronny was always a good looking boy, and there was an astounding number of girls who found a reason to come 'just to see me and chat' ... funny, I barely knew many of them, and it seemed very convenient that Ronny just happened to be hanging around at the time. Well, he grew into a handsome man too, joined the Navy, got out and began a career as a policeman, is retired from the Tucson Police Force, and lives in California now with his sweet wife, Diana. They have two grown children, grandkids and a houseful of dogs. Ronny loved police work so much that he just couldn't say goodby to it for good, and now is a policeman at a local high school. I know the students love him. He's always had a great personality, wonderful sense of humor, and a way with people that endeared him to everyone he knew. I'm proud he's my brother!

Left: Ronny Colvin
Center: Me
Right: John Clark, Jr.

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John John,(I know he doesn't like that nickname, but hey, we called him that from the time he was born) He's my younger brother and Ronny and I had a hand in raising him. I was 12 yrs. old when he was born, and I was a mother hen, and Ronny the protective older brother. We spoiled him terribly, and Mom reminds us of that too! We tried to keep him out of trouble, took him places just to show him off. He was just so cute! He's smart as a whip, and can fix anything he gets his hands on. He was always quite enterprising too, and could sell ice cubes to an Eskimo .. acutally he sold rocks that he'd picked up in the desert near our house to the neighborhood kids until he was found out. He was the youngest tycoon on our block. He now lives in our home town, Tucson, and is in management for the mechanics shop for school buses. He doesn't have any children, but has a Chocolate Labrador, Bart, who is just like a kid to him. He's still our 'little brother' and I guess always will be. And I'm proud to be his sister too!

My brother, Ronny has now changed his residence. He went home to be with the Lord on May 27th, 2005. He is not gone, only absent from our presence because he is now more alive and well than ever and in the presence of God, our Heavenly Father.

He is missed so very much and our hearts are heavy with sorrow, but we know he is in a better place. It is we who remain here for a time who feel the loss. Ronny awaits us to meet him there someday where we will all be together for eternity.

There will soon be a special page on this site and on 'Christian Inspirations' to celebrate Ronny's life. He is (not was) a shining light in this world and left a legacy of love that will remain in our hearrts forever.


Ronny and Me