Diploma Presented on December 25, 2003

Dearest Jonathan,

It's been said that life is much like a coin.

You can spend it any way you'd like,

but you may only spend it once.

Choosing the important things in life

can be difficult, but if you choose the

ONE single Most Important thing

FIRST - then your choices will be

Wise and you will prosper in whatever

You put your hand to .....


And follow your heart then to know

what it is that your life was meant to be

in this world to which God brought you!

The possibilities are unlimited in God's eyes!

Your future is all ahead of you now.

The untrodden path lies before you

As an

Unopened door

A path never before walked upon

A Horizon never before seen

A Challange never before undertaken

A mountain never before climbed

An adventure never before experienced

A goal never before strived for ...

And hidden things that only God can know

that you'll come upon. Love, Joy, Heartbreak,

Contentment, Peace, Fulfillment ...

All the things God has planned for you.

But you must take the steps and He will

carry you when you need to be carried

and gently lead you where you must go.

But remember always!

Let God be your guide if you desire to succeed!

Let God be your guide if you desire real love!

Let God be your guide if you would prosper!

Let God be your guide if you will see heaven!

Let God be your guide if you will be safe and sound!

Let God be your guide if you would fulfill His Plan

For Your Life!

Never stop learning, never stop striving for excellence,

Never give up when you falter and stumble.

Never say yes to failure, only try again to succeed.

Never let go of your faith in God and your

belief that you are loved, by God and your family!

It's been a long road for me as your teacher all

these years of your schooling. I'm proud that I

taught you to read and to search for knowledge.

God gave you the gift of your intellect, and I'm

glad that I was able to nurture that in you and

show you that you could learn using your own mind.

We congratulate you on your 3.70 Grade Average!

We pray that you'll go on to more education

and that you'll use all that you ever learn to

bring glory to God with your life.

We love you and are so very proud of you!

Blessings and the Best of Everything

With all our hearts!!

Love and Blessings,


Mom and Dad
and Shannon

December 25, 2003

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