An internet Christian friendship is a very good illustration of the kind of relationship we have with our Lord. We do not have to see the friend to know and understand them. We have established understanding, how to help each other, how to pray for one another, how to show our compassion and love for one another, how to laugh and have fun - all without having ever seen each other. Many times it has been without ever hearing their voice. So, therefore we are communicating with the essence of our spirits and with our written words.

What a wonderful way to experience what our communication with the Lord should be. We can speak with Him, we can "see" Him in His written word and in our spirits we can understand Him, love Him, know how to help Him in service to Him. The emotions and feelings from His presence and His still small voice in our hearts let us know that He is with us in spirit and in truth.

So, if you would believe and know that He is with you, and you are having a hard time with that when you can't see Him, just think of all your online Christian friends whom you have never seen and think how dear they have become to you through who you are that they appreciate and through who they are that you appreciate. Why is this? It is because of His Spirit that indwells each believer. His Spirit reaches out and when He makes contact with another in whom He dwells, He knows that He has come unto His own.

We, as believers are one in the Lord. We know each other before the first salutation, for our spirits are kin already. Keep an eye and ear out for your kindred in the Lord. They are there for enrichment, encouragement and for delight as we labor through these days upon the earth. They are there to help us and may just have the answer to one of our prayers within their presence and their communications with us. In the same way, we can be there for them, also.

The Lord has known from the beginning that there would come a time, such as we are living in right now, where we would need to have quick communication. Life has revved up so that, many of us, have only minutes a day to call our own, when we need desperately to reach out to others and to receive from others validation of our work for the Lord, encouragement to keep on keeping on and ones with whom to share the sheer joy of knowing and serving our Lord Jesus Christ. May we continue to take territory on the internet for His kingdom and for the good of all mankind

In loving prayer I ask our Lord to bless this way of
communicating and the using of it to serve Him,
in Jesus' precious name,

copyright Marjorie 2003

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