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You're here in my own little corner of the site ... my personal heart to heart pages.

I'm sure you know I sing Gospel Music and record albums, but I'm more than just a singer. God made me a unique person just as He made each one of you.

I'm hoping you'll get to know me a little better so you'll understand why I'm here online and what I'm all about.

May the Lord bless you and encourage you as you learn how He's blessed me!

I'm a wife and mother first of all. I love that role! Then I'm a Singer, Bible Study Teacher, and a Child of God. Of course, the 'child of God' is tops on the list.

But to start a little farther back ... I grew up in the 'fabulous fifties!'
When Rock 'n Roll reigned!

But even before that, my mom and dad took me to church from 'nursery' age. For that, I'm eternally grateful because it was there that the seed of the Gospel was planted in my heart. One incident has stayed with me throughout my life and is where I know I began to feel the love of the Father for me, personally. What a realization!

It was during a Vacation Bible School session when I was about 8 yrs old. I was walking down the hall to go to the classroom when a picture caught my eye and stopped me in my tracks! It was a painting of Jesus walking down a beautiful wooded path with a lamb in his arms and sheep following. This may sound strange, but a sensation of peace of warmth flooded through me. I felt as if I was the lamb Jesus was carrying. The look of love and tenderness in His eyes were for ME. Imagine that. This very Jesus whom I had heard about all my life suddenly became very personal to me. Well, as children do, my attention went back to the activities, cool-aid, and cookies as I hurried to the class. But, I kept that image and the feeling locked in my heart for many years to come.

Things happen, families part, and life situations arise. My parents were divorced when I was 10 and I went the way of the rebellious later in my teen years. I thought of God periodically, but I was just too busy to be bothered with 'religion.' But I had the seed planted and the truth will out sooner or later. I was married and my children were little ones when the Lord tugged at my heart so strongly that I knew I must do something. I was not happy, had no real peace, had trouble with addictions and my life was a one way street, definitely going the WRONG way. My family suffered because without the Lord, most families never acheive true happiness or stability.

My husband, Stan and I were part of the 'night clubbing' crowd and found that way of life was no answer to our searching for life's meaning. All that way of life brings is heartache and strife.

We were at the time, in the world's eye, the most unlikely candidates to darken a church door. But, Jesus, the Good Shepherd, had beckoned to me in that church hall so many years before and even though I was quite late in answering, He does not give up. Remember .. He goes out to find the 1 in 99 who is lost and has strayed away. What Love!

Stan worked with a man at his job who was serious about soul winning and always inviting his co-workers to revivals. Stan always said no, but this one time, he relented and said he'd go. When he informed me we were going to church for a revival service I thought he'd lost his mind. But I went with him, mostly because I didn't want him to be involved in something without me. And I knew enough about church to know there would be an 'alter call.' I told him in no uncertain terms NOT to even think about it! (smile)

Well, Stan, evidently did not know church service protocol, because right in the middle of the service, long before alter call time, the Holy Spirit reached down into Stan's heart and touched him with his need of salvation. Without waiting for the 'proper' time to respond, he jumped up out of his seat to run to the alter, tears flowing freely down his face! AND .. he had grabbed my hand and was practically dragging me down to the front of the church with him. I didn't know what to do but go with him. That night Stan believed and received! He was a new creation!

But I was not ready yet. That makes for an interesting situation as I'm sure many of you know. However, I kept going to church with him because as I said before, I wanted to know all that was going on with him. I was still rebellious ... what an 'airhead' I was during those times! I wonder at the patience of the Lord. And I can look back and wonder at Stan's patience with me. My attitude was certainly not one of cooperation, quite the opposite. But Stan kept praying for me and beleiving I would see the light.

I did finally see the light. It was during a televised sermon I was watching, that the memory of the day I felt Jesus in my heart in that Bible School surfaced. Rev. Billy Graham was preaching one of his crusades and my heart melted at the understanding of the simplicity and purity of God's love for us and saw clearly His plan to redeem us. I had truly been 'kicking against the pricks' ... I think it was because I didn't feel worthy, therefore had a 'chip on my shoulder' because I didn't believe the Lord could forgive so many years of turning my back on Him and ignoring what I'd learned as young child. But, realizing that He loved me and that Salvation was free, His Grace and Mercy was for all, I broke like a little baby. I knelt in my living room and cried 'til I felt clean and new. I was a new creation, a brand new person! Now my Shepherd had me in His arms and loved me! I was again that little lamb. I felt like we were walking down the wooded path I'd seen in the painting, honestly the exact same feeling. I know it was symbolic of the path I was now on, the path leading to heaven, being taken by the only One who knew the way home! My Jesus had looked for me all those years, had found me, forgiven me, called me His own, and would take care of this little lamb who had been lost, but now was found ... throughout eternity!

Well that's the story of my conversion.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis wrote a poem after reading part of this testimony .. '
The Shepherd Incident'

Please Click to Read the Sweet Poem ... What an honor and a blessing to me!


Not long after that we found ourselves in a little country church where the people believed everyone should get up in front of the congregation and sing a 'special' song, even if one could not 'carry a tune in a bucket' as Stan would say of himself. (ha)

I had loved to sing as long as I could remember. Before my parents' divorce I recall standing in front of a record player, singing along with my father to the golden tones of Mario Lanza, the noted tenor. I sang songs like, "Peg 'O My Heart" and other pop tunes of the era. I thought my father had a beautiful voice. And I thought singing was natural to everyone because I would burst into song at the drop of a hat and sing along with the radio and movies. I even put on 'performances' for my little brother and cousins, along with occasional neighborhood friends. My cousin, Rae Anna and I would get up on the old porch that was built high from the ground, pretending it was a stage. We sang and danced our way into the childhood imaginations of footlights, stage curtains, and applause. We were 'Broadway Stars!' (smile)

Ginny Ellis, the renowned poet and author, wrote a poem inspired by my beginnings in music. Such a sweet thing to do and it touched my heart so much! Ginny has become a cherished friend and I look to her many times for encouragement and advice in my ministry. The poem she wrote is published here as well as on my other site, Genelle's Christian Inspirations. where I have theme pages .. poetry, holiday, patriotic, inspirationals, humor and more.

If you'd like to read the poem on this site, click here to "Song on the Front Porch."

Little did I know that in those childhood days I was exercising one of the gifts God had created in me and would later be used in ministry! The first time I sang in that little church I didn't know any music theory, could not read music and didn't even know what a 'key' was ... I remembered the song, "Amazing Grace" so I chose that one from the hymnal and proceeded to the front. The pianist asked me in what key to play the song. I didn't have a clue what she was talking about, a fact she soon realized.. She told me to 'just start singing' and she would 'find' me on the piano.

Well, she did find me and I've been singing ever since. I have such a love for music that after singing in concerts for 15 years, I decided to enroll in our local college to major in music. I learned music theory and it was fascinating to me, to at last understand some of the 'mechanics' of music.

Stan's cousin, Jerry Schnedler, was a singer and steel guitar player. He and wife, Betty and I began to sing as a trio. Soon, the first Gospel Singing Group I was a part of was born. We called ourselves, "The Witnesses." Stan played the bass guitar and we had a 'live band.' Those were the days before 'accompaniment tracks.' Since then I've been a part of many groups, duos, trios, and have had so many interesting and fun experiences in the music ministry and industry. There's a section in the gallery that has a pictoral history of our travels and ministry over the years, with commentary about the places and events. If you'd like to visit that section: Click Here for 'Gallery.'

I love to teach and became certified to lead Precept Upon Precept Bible Studies. I have a Bible Study here on this site so if you're interested, Click Here for the Bible Lessons.

We have a daughter, our oldest, Christine, who is happily married to a fine man, Richard Keeter. They live just a few blocks away from us. Christy is a singer too and there's a page for her too. If you'd like to visit that page, Click Here for Christy's page. She's also currently working on her degree to become a pharmacist. She attend our local university at present.

We have an older son, Shannon, who lives in Alabama. He is the plant manager for a company there and has his own home (we wish it was closer to us - smile) He has a good life and is happy there. If you'd like to visit Shannon's Page, Click Here.

Jonathan, our youngest is still at home. He just finished his senior year of high school. He currently creates web pages for others as well as maintaining my sites. He used to keep our home filled with 'critters' of all kinds, but now blesses us with just one, his favorite and beloved Ferret, Ginger. To visit Jonathan's Graduation Page, Click Here.

We have our little 'Princess' - a white fluffball they call a maltese. We call her our spoiled, 'queen of the house,' littlest member of this family. She has us wrapped around her little paw!

Although I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, I've lived here in Oklahoma long enough that I now feel like a native of both states. But my real roots are in Arizona so someday I'm going to create a section with beautiful Arizona scenes as a tribute to my home town.

We have a vegetable garden almost every summer, love our home and love to landscape to keep the yard pretty. Oklahoma is GREEN without even watering! In Arizona it's BROWN! (ha) But here I have a rose garden with over 30 roses. My favorite flower of course. A close runner up is the Gardenia.

My home is decorated in Victorian. I'm a 'lace and flowers' kind of person. I love the feminine things. I still like to cook homemade food, make my own bread, and mend and sew.

I've created this page because many have asked questions about me and my beginnings. I hope this has helped to get to know me better. I want people to know I have a purpose for being online and sharing my music and teaching.

May the Lord bless you by something you read, see, or hear on my music home online!