Old Covenant Anointing

Under the "Old Covenant", in which many things were types of that which was to come, a special consecrated oil was used to pour (anoint) objects or persons set apart for service, and for the worship of God., Anointing qualified kings, priests, and prophets, giving them a position of holiness. Priests could not minister unless they were anointed.

New Covenant Anointing

Christ means "The Anointed One" or "His Anointed" and through Him we, as believers, are now made holy and set apart to God, making us a kingdom of priests and kings by the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. The "Old Anointing" was an outward one, foreshadowing the New Anointing which is an inward one.

Believers' Anointing

So, each of us is anointed for service by virtue of the Holy One, Jesus, the Christ, living in us to be witnesses unto all the earth. The pouring of the oil was a sacred thing in the administration of Old Testament worship. How much more so is the "pouring of oil of gladness by the Spirit of the Living God" Who dwells within us!

Representative Anointing

Our ministry name, then, represents our position as members of the Body of Christ, the Anointed One, as He ministers through us. If we are believers in Him, then we have received the "New Anointing"

Ministry Statement - Personal Anointing

Therefore, in His Name, I endeavor to serve and minister within my calling as teacher, an ambassador of Christ, and a singer of song and praise of God's wonderful ways and works. And while I respect and appreciate the gifts He's given me, I believe that no gift or talent should be raised above Him and should be viewed with humility and sincerity. With these things in my heart, I can say that I know the anointing on my singing and teaching come from Him, and my greatest joy is not the acknowledgment of my gift, but the knowing in my heart that He's given the gifts for me to be a blessing to those who hear, and to quote a co-worker in the music industry, JW Biddy, "I'd rather see the tears on the faces of those moved by the Holy Spirit because of my ministry in song than all the fame in the world!"



My Committment to The Anointing

The Lord has given me the gift of teaching as well, and I've been teaching for several years now. I'm a certified Bible Study Leader for Precept Upon Precept, a world wide ministry which uses the inductive Bible study method, which teaches us how to learn to study the Word independently. I'll be posting a bi-weekly lesson of the treasures I've gleaned from the Word. It's my sincere hope I will reach into the hearts and minds of those who read them, and in some way their lives may be enriched, their faith strengthened, and their minds renewed to walk in faith in the the Way of our Lord!

My Outreach by the Anointing

I also believe my singing can be a blessing and encouragement to those who hear, so I have CDs and tapes available for purchase at affordable prices. My performance soundtracks will also be available at reasonable prices, so my fellow ministers in song can bless others that I may never reach. Music is a creation of GOD Himself. Our hearts and spirits respond to music in ways that can move us to inspiration, belief, joy, and encouragement in ways the spoken words sometimes cannot do.

My motto: "When words fail, music speaks to the heart" is a profound and far reaching truth. The wonder of music is that it can reach into the hardest of hearts and soften the spirit to receive the things of the Lord, when all the words in the world have failed.

My Sincere Hope in the Anointing

It's my desire to be a fellow worker in the Kingdom, to bear witness to the lost, contribute to the building up of the Body of Christ, and lift up the Name of JESUS. That leaves no room for self-exaltation. He alone must be lifted up, and He will draw all men unto HIM!

I will welcome prayer requests and ask you to pray for me as we believe together! We need each other's prayers and fellowship as children of GOD!

May our Heavenly Father bless you by anything you see or read on these pages, as well as anything you order from our ministry, or anything that I'm led to write in my Bible Study Lessons. May God Bless you Richly.

Sincerely, Genelle

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