Nov. 25, 2009

We are currently doing a 'Special Edition'
of four of the albums I've made. The cds
will now be in eco friendly jackets.

The covers are being redesigned with
all new pictures. A wonderful artist, Randi Racey,
at National Media Services is doing a great job
on the art work! Drop by to see more of her
work ... Racy Graphics.

Because of the reduced cost to us in mailing,
we're passing the savings on to you!
The cds are now available at discounted pricing!
Visit the music page to view the new pricing.
We know that many are suffering financial hardship
right now in this shaky economy so we want
to make it easier for those who want to order
the cds to be able to afford them.

The songs are the same on the albums, of course.
We're glad we could get them done in time for
Christmas gift orders. If you order by Dec. 15th,
you can receive them before Christmas.

Be sure to check out the Christmas Pages at
Christian Inspirations, our sister site.
There are many beautiful stories, poems,
graphics, and just lots of Holiday Cheer
for all the family! While you're there, visit the Thanksgiving Pages,
Inspirational Pages, Life With God, Life Trials,
Humor, Children's Stories, and more!

May the Lord bless you and keep you in His Hands.
Have a wonderful, blessed and safe holiday season!

Sincerely with Love in Jesus,

Genelle and Family

More Great News

Three more of my projects (new albums on cd) are currently in the works. It's been a long time coming, but one of the albums should be done before the end of 2010.

Here's what's coming ...

Prophet Poems

Written material by Ginny Ellis
Artwork by Penny Parker

This cd album will feature narration done by myself, of some absolutely adorable poetry written by Ginny. It will appeal to children especially. (I like to say ... of all ages!)

Jesus Heard Every Word
(I Never Said)

This album will feature some brand new songs, a few never recorded before, penned by some inspiring Christian writers. Also, some traditional songs like, "The Lord's Prayer" ... The style will be a bit more contemporary than my works of the past, but with a hint of the Southern Gospel evident in some of the songs.

Christmas With Genelle

A brand new Christmas album with some traditional carols, a few contemporary songs ... all to celebrate one of my favorite times of year, the Wonderful Birth or Our Savior!

These projects have been in the making for a long time, interrupted by several health challenges and other hindrances. I pray, Lord willing, that I'll be able to complete them all. They're so dear to my heart and many hours have already been put into them. I would greatly appreciate your prayers for strength and perseverance to go on to the completion of these albums.

Love in Jesus, Genelle and family

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