This is the Story of how this website came to be.

In my wildest dreams I could never have visualized this website. A few short years ago I didn't see why a person would even 'NEED' a computer, much less be online! But while home schooling Jonathan I found that I had to join the 21st century or be left behind. I must admit that when it came to this technology, Jonathan had to take over the role of teacher. And now, I don't know how I managed all those years WITHOUT a computer! Can you relate? (smiling)

I believe now that it was the Lord calling me to continue my ministry. He never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think all is lost in a certain situation, He steps in to 'save the day' and turns what I see as defeat into a brand new era in my life and a certain victory over what I thought were unredeemable circumstances!

Stan and I have traveled quite a bit for many years around several states, holding concerts and giving testimony. We loved it! It was pretty hectic at times but we felt the Lord had called us to do that so it was a pleasure and we thrived in that way of life. But a few years ago I became ill and had to have a few surgeries. Since then, I've had some long term and rather serious illnesses and it all became too much of a hardship for me to continue traveling.

I reluctantly decided that I'd have to retire from the music ministry. I missed it so much and felt like a 'boat without a paddle' as my mom used to say. I was so discouraged. I had made a few recordings and had music in boxes that I would no longer be able to sell at concerts. The small profit we made on my CD and music sales allowed me to continue recording, making new albums and keeping me active with my music.

I had been schooling our youngest, Jonathan, at home since pre-school. He happens to be very knowledgeable about computer programming and he saw that Mom was in a slump and a 'sad sack' about not being so involved in my music. He'd grown up seeing us involved in music ministry, travels, meeting new people. In fact, when he was 6 weeks old, we went to Okla. City to record the vocals for Leon McAuliffe's Gospel Album. Jonathan had been with us when we'd traveled with Leon and other groups of singers all around several states surrounding Okla., even as far as Tennessee, and Arizona. So, even though Jonathan is not a musician himself, the lifestyle was second nature to him, as it was to my other children, Christine and Shannon, now grown with homes of their own. (see their pages in the gallery .. PMSOP (proud mom showing off pictures!) ..back to the story ...

Jonathan has a kind and loving heart and he set out to think of something that would perk me up and help me stay 'afloat' in my music ministry. He said, "Mom, why don't we make you a website and then you can go online to make your music available?"

I thought that was a far fetched idea if I'd ever heard one! Me .. on the internet. Besides, I was suspicious of the internet in general. I thought it was mainly a 'tool of the devil' ... you'd have to know me to understand my reticence. My Mom used to tell me I was born in the wrong century. I was always the last one to give in and use new technology. I was old fashioned in the ways of homemaking, for instance. It was years after electric mixers came out before I finally relented and used one. Then it was many years after everyone else was using pressure cookers before I bought mine. (I've changed in that way ... now I embrace anything that makes life easier!)

We prayed about it and the more Jonathan and Stan talked to me about it, the more intrigued I became with the idea. It was a scary thing for me because I wasn't at all sure that God would approve of me getting on the internet. But, I figured that if the Lord was ok with me giving it a try, it couldn't hurt and it would prosper, and if He wasn't, then nothing would come of it and I could just quit.

Jonathan went to work creating the site and we launched it on July 12, 2002. I still had my doubts. But soon I had people finding my music and letting me know the songs were a blessing, encouraging and lifting them up. I began to get a few orders for my CDs and I 'met' some wonderful, precious brothers and sisters in the Lord!

I knew practically nothing about how the internet worked, but little by little I began to feel more at ease. Especially when some absolutely great sisters in the Lord who had their own websites, offered to help me get established, gave me valuable advice, and just loved me as a new 'team member' online in the ministry of the Lord online! I don't know what I would have done without the friendships I've made since those early days of my website. I learned so much from them about how to reach out to people and bring them to visit me here. I now have a mailing list of faithful friends of this ministry and it's a joy to have them as partners in what the Lord has called me to.

I've been able to publish my Bible Study Lessons here. That was a blessing to me because I love to teach! God put that love in my heart just as He put the love of singing in my heart. With my health the way it was at the time the site was launched, I could no longer lead Bible Studies. Another blessing! The Lord truly can turn things that seem a trial to our good.

One of the most important things I've learned from all this, is that the internet is NOT the devil's territory! The ability to create the technology that makes this media possible came from the Lord. And as any technology, it can be used for evil, but it can and IS being used to spread the Gospel, and connect believers in ways that could not have been possible a few years ago. If anything, I believe it's made the church stronger. We have the opportunity to meet other believers who may not be of our denomination or think exactly the way we think about things, doctrinally speaking. It's helped us to bridge the gaps that caused us to be separated before.

The fact that many of us have inspirational and testimonial sites for all the world to see is a boon to spreading the Gospel. Some people who would not go to church can now sign online, 'surf' the internet and find family friendly sites with content they can allow their children to see and visit ... and in the process come across some Christian sites that have the plan of Salvation spelled out to them without intimidation or pressure. Seeds are planted by the things they read or music a person hears while on some of these sites. I hear about unsaved persons finding Christian websites when they were not even looking for them!

In this way, we Christians are using the internet for the Glory of the Lord. And every time there is another word, another teaching, another song, another testimony, another poem of inspiration, humor, good clean fun, or spiritual, we are taking territory away from the enemy!

Not to mention the terrific social advantages. Some people can't go far from their homes for different reasons, but now they're not isolated anymore. There is a network of friendly, loving people who e-mail bits of encouragement, enlightenment, information, tidbits of humor to brighten the spirit, and more. And the prayers for each other! There are prayer groups cropping up all over the internet. People are coming together to hold each other up in prayer and for those loved ones who are in need.

A very dear friend, Marjorie Castleberry wrote about internet friendship as being a product of the Lord's love for us and His desire to bring us together in these hectic days we live in our modern society. The way things are of late, some of us just don't have as much time to cultivate relationships in the old way. Our horizons have broadened tremendously in that area. It's a wonderful way to explain this internet friendship phenomenon.

Marjorie's piece is on my other website, 'Christian Inspirations.' But, it's so good and so relevant to my relationship with the many precious visitors to this site as well, that I've published it here. It's titled: "In Spirit and Truth" - I know you'll be blessed if you take the time to read what she wrote. I will always understand internet friendships by the way Marjorie explained it in her writing. Before it seemed somewhat of a mystery, but now it's very clear to me. I sincerely wish to share the idea with you. So, please visit the page if you want a special blessing!

Believers who have been given gifts such as writing, teaching, singing, encouraging, wisdom, and more, now have more of an avenue to lend their talents than ever before and more people can be touched by their gifts than we'd ever dreamed possible. In short, the Lord is using the Internet by using us on the Internet After all, it belongs to Him!

My heartfelt thanks go to the many brothers and sisters who have helped me and given me the gift of their friendship since I've been online. I pray they continue to be blessed as I have been blessed.

I pray for all the precious visitors to this site and the other sites that lift up the Lord. I pray that you may all be encouraged, blessed, and your life made a little brighter by your visit here. I pray for your health, your spiritual prosperity, and your loved ones. If there is anything here on my site that helps you to know Jesus better and adds something good to your day, then I am truly blessed!

My sincere and everlasting gratitude goes to my son, Jonathan, who first had this in his heart to do for me, then worked so hard for many hours creating the site, and now maintains it by tending to the technical issues. Thank you, son, for hearing from the Lord and responding to His call in my behalf!

Thank you, all who have come to this site, for visiting me here!
God loves you and knows your name!

Love in Jesus,



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